By spreading information about modern root canal treatment, dentists and endodontists can relieve patient anxiety and, ultimately, save more teeth.

Root canal treatment is an endodontist’s most essential tool when it comes to saving natural teeth. Dentists and endodontists will agree that the majority of their patient visits, outside of routine appointments, involve some form of root canal treatment. The problem is that most patients don’t have a clear understanding of what root canal treatment actually is. Since people tend to fear what they don’t understand, Professional Endodontics believes it is our responsibility as experts to spread honest information about modern root canal treatment.

Approaching Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment

Most patients don’t understand that root canal treatment refers to a variety of treatment plans that involve entering or repairing the root canal. Many people associate the term with the sensationalized reputation it gets from movies and a lingering stigma from the past. It’s important to make sure that patients are aware of the advances that have been made to make root canal treatment a quick and fairly painless process. In order to do this, specialists have a responsibility to dispel the myths that surround the treatment.

The most commonly spread myth is that root canal treatment is a severely painful process. This is simply untrue. The purpose of root canal treatment is to relieve pain. Patients need to be informed that with modern anesthetics and technology, the treatment is actually pretty painless. Another commonly spread myth is that root canal treatment can lead to illness. There is false information circulating the internet that connects root canal treatment to cancer, stroke, or other illnesses in the body. Yet, there is no scientific evidence supporting these connections. In fact, the alternative to root canal treatment—dental implantation—allows for more bacteria to enter the blood. And, this brings us to the final myth; that dental implantation is a superior treatment method. Though there have been significant advances in dental implants, endodontic experts agree that there is still no equivalent replacement for the natural tooth. In addition, the procedure is more expensive and much more painful.

By spreading honest information to patients about root canal treatment, we can reach our ultimate goal as dental professionals more often, which is to save the natural tooth. Sometimes, it benefits dental practices to partner with an endodontist in order to further relieve anxiety and gain the trust of your patients. For information about partnering with Professional Endodontics, contact one of our offices and you can help to support our mission of dispelling myths surrounding root canal treatment.

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