Learn about some of the most common dental injuries that may require specialized treatment from an endodontist.  

Professional Endodontics Staff

What happens when someone experiences a tooth injury? Which injuries are the most serious? Can a tooth be saved when it is fractured or chipped? These are common questions that come up regarding dental injuries. Whether the patient is an athlete who was hurt during a game or someone who simply experienced an accident or fall, tooth injuries can occur in many ways and it is important to have them treated as soon as possible.

Some of the most common kinds of tooth injuries that occur include:

Chipped or Fractured Teeth: Although enamel is one of the hardest natural substances, teeth can still be chipped or fractured if they are hit with enough force. Luckily, most chipped or fractured crowns can be repaired by a dentist or specialist. Small broken pieces can be reattached or filled and large broken crowns can be replaced to restore the tooth. If the pulp of the tooth is exposed during the injury, a root canal treatment may also be required to assess and treat damage to the root canal and nerves. Following the root canal, an artificial crown is placed over the tooth to protect and restore the tooth.

Dislodged Teeth: A tooth may become dislodged when it receives a forceful blow as the result of a punch, hit, or fall. When this happens, the tooth moves out of place in its socket and must be repositioned and stabilized so it can heal and strengthen. If the tooth that was injured is a permanent tooth, it will most likely require a root canal treatment to assess and treat root damage.

Root Fractures: In some cases, the root of a tooth can be fractured. Treatment and prognosis for this kind of injury depends on the severity and location of the fracture. In some cases, the tooth may simply be stabilized and can heal on its own. In more severe cases, the root must be operated on or the tooth may need to be replaced. Severe root fractures often require the attention of a specialist such as an endodontist.

Cracked Teeth or Fractured Cusps: Common injuries to the back teeth include cracks or fractures. If a crack extends into the root, a root canal treatment will be required in addition to restorative treatment. In cases of severe cracking or a split tooth, a full crown or tooth replacement may be required.

All dentists are trained to handle dental injuries, but endodontists are specialists who have received extensive training on managing tooth pain and dealing with injuries to the root canal. Because of this, they are capable of performing more complex procedures and are highly trained to deal with treatments that affect the root of a tooth.

If you experience a dental injury, it is important to contact your dentist or endodontist right away. Usually, time is of the essence when dealing with root injuries or broken teeth and so it is important to have your teeth treated as soon as possible. Thanks to modern dental technology and procedures, proper treatment can often save the tooth and help restore it to its full function again.

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Professional Endodontics has been exceeding the standard of care in Wayne and Macomb counties for over 50 years. The team specializes with treating issues with the inside of the tooth and goes out of its way to provide a safe easy environment for patients. Each member of the practice is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and values high-quality relationships with referring dentists and specialists. Each endodontist at Professional Endodontics has been individually chosen as Best Dentists. Thanks to contemporary advances in endodontics, Professional Endodontics is able to use innovative technology to treat and save teeth that have suffered damage to the soft tissue within the roots of the tooth.

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