The use of lasers in root canal treatment is gaining acceptance

The use of lasers in specialized dentistry is more accepted and popular than ever. According to the American Association of Endodontists, lasers are supplementing and even replacing drills and other traditional tools for some dental procedures, including root canals. There are good reasons for this: lasers have improved the process, prognosis, and outcome of some dental treatments; the endodontic specialty of root canals is no exception. Professional Endodontics has long recognized the potential value of laser technology and incorporated its capabilities into our practice.

In general terms, here is how it works: Lasers essentially emit intense focused light energy, the particular properties of which can interact with biologic tissues, to accomplish their surgical tasks. In Endodontics a laser can be used for opening the surface of the tooth to access the root canal instead of the traditional drill. Then, in conjunction with traditional root canal techniques, the endodontist can use the laser to help disinfect the canal space. A recent scientific study found that laser-activated irrigation for eradicating bacteria and preventing new bacterial growth was more effective than conventional irrigation delivered via a syringe. In addition, lasers can target bacteria and infected material with greater accuracy, at times preserving more of the healthy tooth structure lasers offer an array of benefits. They’ve made it possible to penetrate complex areas such as the lateral canal, which can difficult to clean. In some cases lasers can provide better cleaning and the removal of smear layers and debris from an infected canal

Lasers can also be used in endodontic surgery to not only take the place of the scalpel, but to aid in debridement of the infected bone. In addition, lasers can reduce the amount of bacteria and other oral pathogens in the surgical field. There are reports of less bleeding during root canal surgical procedures and reduced post-operative discomfort and infection.

The bottom line is that lasers can be an effective adjunct tool in the root canal process. Professional Endodontics was an early adopter of lasers, and we have stayed current as the technology moves forward. While we don’t use lasers for every procedure, when it is appropriate we provide it as a safe, comfortable, and highly effective root canal treatment.

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