Save Your Tooth Month is dedicated to helping the public understand the role endodontics play in dental health and how endodontists help save teeth.

This is a very special month and the team at Professional Endodontics is privileged to work with the American Association of Endodontists to raise awareness of endodontics—a specific and important part of dentistry.

To most people however, endodontists are almost invisible, an unknown and almost mysterious part of dentistry. That’s why the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) initiated Save Your Tooth Month more than a decade ago to help patients and dental professionals understand what endodontists actually do to save your teeth and ease unwarranted fears about root canal treatment and related procedures.

Good dental health is critical to our overall well-being. Most of us take good care of our teeth and gums, visit our dentists regularly for cleanings and preventive treatment, and rarely have to think about other dental issues. But once in a while something can come up that goes beyond the norm and requires special attention. It could be a broken tooth, an unchecked infection or abscess, or some other painful condition that requires the services of an endodontist. In many cases, the proper treatment is a root canal. That’s when your dentist may wisely refer you to an endodontist—a specialist in root canals, and in saving teeth.

The Endodontic Specialty

While all endodontists are dentists, less than three percent of dentists are endodontists. Endodontists focus on saving and maintaining tissue in and around the root canal and are dedicated to helping you maintain your teeth throughout your lifetime. Endodontists complete two or more years of specialty training beyond dental school. The additional training focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal treatment and other procedures relating to the interior of a tooth. Endodontists’ advanced training, specialized techniques, and superior instrument technologies mean you get the highest quality care with the best possible result—saving your natural teeth. For this reason, endodontists refer to themselves as specialists in saving teeth. By collaborating with an endodontist, dental practices can offer assurances to their patients that in the case of a dental emergency, they are in the proper hands to save a tooth. At Professional Endodontics, we use the latest technology to properly diagnose and map out a patient’s root canal treatment.

Collaboration Is Key

Many dentists collaborate with endodontists to deliver the best comprehensive treatments plan for you and provide the highest level of care. Take advantage of Save Your Tooth Month and learn more about endodontics. Next time you visit your dentist, ask for a recommendation for an endodontist in your area, or contact our office for more information. This way, you’ll have a plan in place if an emergency arises: you and your dentist can quickly move forward with specialized treatment.

About Professional Endodontics

Professional Endodontics has been exceeding the standard of care in Wayne and Macomb counties for over 50 years.  The team specializes with treating issues with the inside of the tooth and goes out of its way to provide a safe easy environment for patients. Each member of the practice is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and values high-quality relationships with referring dentists and specialists.  Each endodontist at Professional Endodontics has been individually chosen as Hour Detroit Magazine’s Best Dentists.  Thanks to contemporary advances in endodontics, Professional Endodontics is able to use innovative technology to treat and save teeth that have suffered damage to the soft tissue within the roots of the tooth.

Professional Endodontics offers state-of-the art facilities in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, and Southfield.  All locations offer the latest in advanced dental deliver systems, microscopy, and digital radiography.

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