Why Antibiotics Don’t Cure Tooth Infections

Antibiotics play a key role in most infections, but when it’s about teeth, they’re not the entire solution. With the medical knowledge and technology we have available these days, finding out you have an infection of some kind almost always draws an automatic response: “Infection? No problem, I’ll just take an antibiotic.” [...]

Why Antibiotics Don’t Cure Tooth Infections2019-07-23T10:42:05-04:00

Treating Abscessed Teeth

Professional Endodontics makes it a priority to stay up to date on the latest treatment methods and technologies to properly care for abscessed teeth. When experiencing ongoing pain in a tooth, it is important to consider the possibility that it might be something more serious than a simple toothache. If pain is [...]

Treating Abscessed Teeth2017-10-03T17:31:31-04:00
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