RB preHorizontal root fractures present an interesting diagnostic and treatment challenge for the endodontist. These types of fractures comprise only 3% of all dental injuries (1) and are at times difficult to diagnose. The diagnosis of horizontal root fractures rely heavily on radiographs, often times more than one, as the angulation of the X-ray beam needs to pass through the fracture line for them to be visible. It is also important to remember that these fractures often occur in an oblique fashion.

I thought you’d like this: http://fw.to/azXTAIE Trauma and horizontal root fractures of the anterior teeth: A review and case report Dr. Joseph Petrino, an endodontist in Montana, demonstrates in this case study how important it is to remember that not all teeth that sustain trauma will require treatment. Like any case, diagnostic testing is crucial to assess if there is a need for treatment. He explains the nature of the case that resulted from an accident involving a horizontal root fracture of tooth No. 8 and the developments in the case over the course of two years.