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What Does a Dentist or Endodontist Actually Do When Performing a Root Canal?

Simply stated: work to save your tooth. If you’ve been told you need a root canal, you may wonder what that really means and what your dentist or endodontist will actually do. Let’s start with the basic question: what is a root canal? A root canal is essentially removing the nerves and blood vessels from inside if a tooth, leaving as much tooth and root structure as possible for strength. So how does [...]

The Truth About Pain in Root Canal Procedures

Myths about root canal pain are exactly that — myths! It’s unfortunate that when a dentist or endodontist utters the words “root canal,” patients often blanch and think “Oh my gosh, the pain!” We say it’s unfortunate because the idea that root canal treatment is a severely painful process is a myth. It’s simply not true. Yes, root canal can result in some post-procedure discomfort- like any dental procedure, but the purpose of [...]

Professional Endodontics Announces Merger with North Oakland Endodontics

Professional Endodontics P.C., is proud to announce that it has merged with North Oakland Endodontics in Clarkston. The Clarkston practice, located at 6803 Dixie Highway, will be renamed Professional Endodontics and is the group’s fourth office in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Effective immediately, the merger will allow the Professional Endodontics group to better serve the dental community in northern Oakland County. “Excellent patient care and comfort have always been our main concerns,” said [...]

Why Antibiotics Don’t Cure Tooth Infections

Antibiotics play a key role in most infections, but when it’s about teeth, they’re not the entire solution. With the medical knowledge and technology we have available these days, finding out you have an infection of some kind almost always draws an automatic response: “Infection? No problem, I’ll just take an antibiotic.” For many infections, like sinus infections this can cure the problem.  Unfortunately, for dental problems antibiotics take a significantly lesser role. [...]

The Difference between an Endodontist and a General Dentist

Both are dental care professionals, one is a specialist to consider. Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you like to be well informed about dental health. Maybe you’re reading this because your dentist referred you to an endodontist and you’d like to know a little more—perhaps it’s the difference between a dentist and an endodontist and why do you need to see the latter. First, let’s explain the difference between a [...]

Your dentist said you need a Root Canal – Now what?

Nobody looks forward to hearing a dentist say, “you need a root canal.” Fortunately, these days there is little to fear. Whether it’s caused by tooth decay, an unexpected injury, or a dental emergency, when tooth pain comes up, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. By taking immediate steps, you’ll feel better and likely save your tooth. And that means making an appointment with your dentist as soon as you [...]

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